What Is A Good Post-Workout Meal?

by Antony Brooks
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What Is A Good Post-Workout Meal?

How to Muscle Recovery?

Everybody's looking to get results out of their workout. Well, first and foremost, it is important to know that consuming protein and carbohydrates before and after exercise will play an important role in the effectiveness of the results you will get from your workouts.

In this article, we are breaking down the best practices for a good muscle recovery. If you want to know more about what to consume BEFORE working out, look at this article here. 


Muscle Recovery Supplements & Functions.

After working out your muscles fibers has been slightly broken down and are in a reconstruction/muscle building phase which is also the "anabolic" phase. It brings you a 30 minutes window for optimal consumption of the macronutrients needed to properly fuel and rebuilt the fibers. Either healthy food and supplements provides great sources of macronutrients.

The first priority into this 30 minutes window is to get a great amount of protein but also the one time of the day when higher carbohydrates options have an advantage over low carbohydrates to restore glycogen into your muscle. Research shows that adding complex carbohydrates with your protein intake during this 30 minutes window will nearly double the insulin response, which leads in more stored glycogen.

Supplementing with L-Glutamine amino acid is also a great add-on to your shakes if you want to reduce recovery time and muscle soreness. For some catabolic situations where there is a shortage of glutamine obtained from a diet, supplementation of this amino acid might be required since it plays a role into preserving a healthy immune system and reduces stress into your body.

This is why most of time, people rather take a protein shake so they can put protein powder with additional carbohydrate powder and glutamine into a cup of water, almond milk or juice then mix it all up.

A second great option for quick glycogen replenishment and muscle recovery is to get yourself a protein bar, a protein cookie or any food with carbohydrates and high protein amounts. 

For those who are following a ketogenic diet or simply reducing their carb intake, try to focus on proteins and healthy fats!


Post-Workout Exhausting Guy


How Much to Take?

Most people aren't taking enough amounts of protein after a workout which can results to poor muscle recovery. Here's our best advices:
For men, one scoop of protein powder after the physical activity (around 25 grams of protein) is great but some people rather get more than less so they are tempted to put up to 2 scoops*, that's ok too.

For women, 25 grams* of protein is far enough for recovering after the physical activity. Remember that it depends from a person to another, if you experience stomach discomfort, you could drop to a half of scoop and gauge from there!
The best carbohydrates/protein ratio after a workout is 4:1 (four grams of carbohydrates for each grams of protein).

*For post-workout intake only. Getting too much protein at the same time will however, results into negative impact because it will slow rehydration and glycogen replenishment.


Bottom Lines:

Now you know how supplementing with protein and carbohydrate powders can be useful after a workout since we rarely have time to get a meal under 30 minutes after a workout for muscle recovery. We invite you to visit these pages for the best supplements available online!

by Antony Brooks


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